Quotes At the age of 19, my seemingly perfect life as a budding lady has been wrecked by an a car accident that i have lost my right leg. Life seems to be over then, 6 months i have been in a limbo of hopelessness, then a good news came one day. I was referred to Davao Jubilee Foundation, then i have been given a new lease in life, i was given a prosthetic leg and i can walk again! Heaven seems to be smiling upon me for i have been given another blessing from the Foundation - a college scholarship at the University of Mindanao thru Lillianne Fonds and with all of inspiration i have graduated BS in Commerce . I am now working at Davao Jubilee Foundation as an Audiologist Assistant . God is GREAT ! Now my life is complete, in a few months from now, ill be walking at the aisle with the love of my love - Patrick. I can never imagine my life if someone has not shared Davao Jubilee Foundation to me. Quotes
Rogielyn M. Andangan
New Life